Megan Davies – Time Flies

MayfliesExhibition fly“Time itself in the form of a watch has allowed these mayflies to live on without ageing. This, combined with the mould they are attracted to, gives a sense that time has stood still within this scene.” – Megan DaviesMaayyyflyThis is the last of all the students work at the Gower College Foundation Art exhibition and in my opinion it is one of the best.
These fantastic mayflies made out of watch parts were made by Megan Davies. Mayflyssss259293_557804694283929_1062272713_oMegan originally saw herself as a Fine Artist, specifically a painter, but during this course she experimented in many different areas: sculpture, ceramics, craft, photography.. etc. She has also done a lot of modelling!1014727_557806460950419_357040232_oMegan is now going on to do the BA (Hons) Art & Design Multi-Disciplinary course at Coleg Sir Gar.MayliesssTo see more of Megan’s work visit her Facebook page and her blogs here and here.


It’s about time I posted a couple more students work from the exhibition so here are a couple of fantastic students who are very talented in textiles. They are both going on to the Surface Pattern course in Swansea Met.

Ellie RobertsEllieThis amazing doll and these illustrations are based on Roald Dahl’s poem ‘Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf’.Ellie2

Catrin ThomasCatrinThese beautiful jars made of stitch are based on Catrin’s grandfather’s memories.Catrin2Catrin3


I got my results on Monday…..

I have a Distinction in Foundation Art and Design!!! YAY!

So freedom for three months and then off to Hereford!
Wow! I don’t know what I’m going to do! Haha

Anyway here are a few more students’ exhibition displays.
Those fashion designers need their fashion promoters and stylists…

Fashion Promoter – Joanne GriffithsIMG_8058 IMG_8059

Fashion Promoter – Charlotte BellhamIMG_8043IMG_8044

Fashion Stylist – Danielle BaskervilleIMG_8103


There were some really gorgeous dresses made for the exhibition! Check out these fashion designers:

Lindsey Harrison
LindseyLindsey’s dress is based on horse riding and is made to be worn whilst on a horse. The double skirt allows the dress to fall around the horse as well as the rider.Lindsey2

Chloe May PorterChloeChloe’s work is based around festivals and the use of tents. She decided to get her dress professionally photographed on a model and to display these images in the exhibition – they really emphasise the design and concept.Chloe2

Rhian BeynonRhian2Both the design of Rhian’s dress and the surface patterns are based on the insects and their habitats. This student has also had her dress photographed to show off its beauty and has displayed textile samples of her intricate patterns.Rhian

All Kinds of Art

Of course it wasn’t just my work at the exhibition. The Foundation course has students who do all kinds of art: painting, illustration, photography, textiles, sculpture, graphics…. the list goes on.

Here are some photos of the exhibited work of just a few of the artists:

Fine Artist – Georgina McCannGeorginaPhotographer – Caitlin WaltersCaitlinIllustrator – Bethan LangstonBethanIllustrator – Lauren ShillLaurenLauren2Lauren3Over the next few days I will be posting photos of the exhibited work of the rest of the students on this course. Keep watching because it really is great!


Last night, the private view of the exhibition, went great! The turn out was really good and everyone’s work looked fantastic!
I’m so pleased with mine, this is my display:IMG_8092And here are some of the photos of my final jewellery pieces:IMG_7514-EditIMG_7535-EditIMG_7529-EditDSC_0376DSC_0417-EditIMG_7590I even went to the exhibition wearing this piece!DSC_0426-Edit(Model: Sarah Jenkins and Studio Assistant and Supporting Photographer: Andrew James Rees)


I am relieved to tell you my exhibition display is up!
Today has been a busy day but the exhibition is pretty much ready so it was totally worth it. Everyone’s work looked fantastic!

I am also pleased to say that a photo of my petri dishes, from a previous project, was chosen to be used in one of the posters for the exhibition.964374_10151504389054440_15774574_oThese are the other posters, with images of other students work.966803_10151504395279440_485310552_o978020_10151504376294440_1983701210_o981329_10151504381144440_1842727004_oThe exhibition is at the Grand Theatre in Swansea and will be open for anyone to see from tomorrow until Monday. The Private view is on Thursday at 6:30. Feel free to come  and see the work.

Create in Acetate

As I was already worried about how my resin pieces were going to turn out and I was having to wait for them to set I decided to do some more work with acetate.
I’m very glad I did now!
IMG_7475These pieces are made from more acetate that I printed my coloured photos of the rusty metal onto. This time though I used aluminium tape on the back. The aluminium tape is nowhere near as nice or as strong, by itself, as the copper tape but it worked very well on the back of the acetate, especially against the blue. IMG_7477My idea for these pieces came from discovering Stephanie Hopkins‘ work. Beautiful!
IMG_7478I did try this idea with the rusty metal itself but it was simply too tough and didn’t work.IMG_7481I have now made these pieces and more acetate creations into jewellery which you will be able to see once the exhibition goes up. I’m not going to spoil the surprise!

Fragile Threads

Exhibition went up Thursday evening! Had it all ready just 10 minutes before the opening. Finally had a taste of how stressful these things can be!
Was so pleased of how it turned out in the end though! Sad it will be coming down so soon! See what you think.

This is my ‘blurb’ about my work:

‘Fragile Threads’

This work is based on my personal memories and the nature of how we remember moments of our lives and the people we share them with. I was inspired by Anna Lewis’s work, in particular her feather jewellery.

The feather is a very good symbol for memories, feathers are fragile and beautiful and in the transferring of images details are lost just like how the details of our memories fade over time.

The patterns transferred onto the feathers are made up of treasures and objects from moments of my life. They include pages of books, postcards, lace, jewellery and other treasured pieces of my memories. The threads they hang from are thin and fragile showing the weak hold we have on our memories.

I have also made a book of memories of my family holidays in Scotland. I made this as an attempt to contain these memories, to protect them from fading or being lost altogether. IMG_5307IMG_5332IMG_5324IMG_5327IMG_5328IMG_5308IMG_5331IMG_5330