Carrick Shore

This collection is made up of one-off pieces based on Carrick shore, an area of the south west coast of Scotland. It began as my graduate collection ‘High Tide’ and I’ve since been adding individual pieces to it every now and then for the last 4 years.

Based on my family’s holiday hut ‘High Tide’ and the surrounding area of the south-west coast of Scotland this collection is very personal. Having visited this area throughout my life I have developed a strong emotional attachment to it – for me it is a place of escape and tranquility.

The shapes used come from a combination of the ‘huts’ situated along the coast and the coastal rocks. The colours, patterns and textures are inspired by different aspects of the coastal environment –┬áland, sea, sand and rock.┬áMany items have sand collected from the beaches fired onto the surface of the enamel creating evocative texture.