Megan Davies – Time Flies

MayfliesExhibition fly“Time itself in the form of a watch has allowed these mayflies to live on without ageing. This, combined with the mould they are attracted to, gives a sense that time has stood still within this scene.” – Megan DaviesMaayyyflyThis is the last of all the students work at the Gower College Foundation Art exhibition and in my opinion it is one of the best.
These fantastic mayflies made out of watch parts were made by Megan Davies. Mayflyssss259293_557804694283929_1062272713_oMegan originally saw herself as a Fine Artist, specifically a painter, but during this course she experimented in many different areas: sculpture, ceramics, craft, photography.. etc. She has also done a lot of modelling!1014727_557806460950419_357040232_oMegan is now going on to do the BA (Hons) Art & Design Multi-Disciplinary course at Coleg Sir Gar.MayliesssTo see more of Megan’s work visit her Facebook page and her blogs here and here.


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