Fragile Threads

Exhibition went up Thursday evening! Had it all ready just 10 minutes before the opening. Finally had a taste of how stressful these things can be!
Was so pleased of how it turned out in the end though! Sad it will be coming down so soon! See what you think.

This is my ‘blurb’ about my work:

‘Fragile Threads’

This work is based on my personal memories and the nature of how we remember moments of our lives and the people we share them with. I was inspired by Anna Lewis’s work, in particular her feather jewellery.

The feather is a very good symbol for memories, feathers are fragile and beautiful and in the transferring of images details are lost just like how the details of our memories fade over time.

The patterns transferred onto the feathers are made up of treasures and objects from moments of my life. They include pages of books, postcards, lace, jewellery and other treasured pieces of my memories. The threads they hang from are thin and fragile showing the weak hold we have on our memories.

I have also made a book of memories of my family holidays in Scotland. I made this as an attempt to contain these memories, to protect them from fading or being lost altogether. IMG_5307IMG_5332IMG_5324IMG_5327IMG_5328IMG_5308IMG_5331IMG_5330


  1. Hello Hannah,
    I really love your work. I’m also applying to schools – it’s such a stressful time, isn’t it?! I sometimes feature young artists on my blog with interviews about their work and art practice. I was wondering if you would be interested in doing an interview, especially since you’re also waiting to find out where you’re going to school. My email is if you’re interested! Thank you,

    • Hi, sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I’m flattered that you would ask me and I would be interested. I’m really busy at the moment but I will try to email you next week for more details. Thanks 🙂

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