Industrial Shapes

I’ve been meaning to post these for ages!!
I’d have liked to have taken better photos but I’d never put up photos if I stuck to that.

These are stackable rings I made for my last project on my Silversmithing course.
I did them as part of my final Foundation Art project – Industrial and Urban Landscapes.
They are based on the shapes of the industrial buildings and machinery at Port Talbot Steel Works.


  1. Nice with rings that you can do some building work with, and put together as you like! Thank you for sharing this industrial area of yours (and the photos are fine, I like the different angles we get to see here)!

    • Thank you!

      They were intended entirely to be stacking rings but it was only after I made them that i realised how good they looked one on each finger. If I’d have thought of it sooner I might have made them in different sizes to fit different fingers.

      Personally I like to wear the 1st and 3rd (in the last image) by themselves 🙂

  2. These are cool! And your images aren’t bad at all – I actually really like that second photo where you are looking down on the rings all together from above; it’s almost like an airplane coming in over buildings for a landing! Hope you continue further w/ this type of ring, Hannah.

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