Two Folds

These are developments of my metal folding experiments, using the wire scoring technique and testing out the effectiveness when doing more than one fold within a square.

Parallel Folds:
IMG_3979IMG_3985Not only did I test the effectiveness of this technique when folding the metal twice but I also compared the results of this with both straight and curved folds.
I found the straight folds to be easier to control as you can use the edges of steel blocks and other tools to shape the corners around. With curved folds this is not possible, once one scored line is folded it is difficult to fold along the other.

Meeting Folds:IMG_4035IMG_4023Having said that curved folds were harder I actually found them easier in the meeting lines samples. The metal bent along the lines easily and naturally.
I am starting to understand the nature and limitations of folding metal but it is something which can only be learnt from experience and I still have a long way to go.

Crossing Folds:
IMG_4004IMG_4005IMG_4011This idea of crossing folds was an interesting one. If this was attempted in paper it would not hold any shape, it can not be bent both ways at the same time. However, metal is much stiffer and holds it shape. By working the folds a few times I was able to create this more decorative form with subtler folds.
It was much easier and a bit more effective with the straight lines but the curved lines one is still interesting.

IMG_4052IMG_4055I did a few more samples with two folds, including ones which combined straight and curved lines, but this was the most successful one. Like the curved meeting folds sample it bent naturally along the scored lines and created a smooth form which was very pleasing to the eye.

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