‘Adorn’ – The Court Cupboard Gallery

Last week I visited The Court Cupboard Gallery for the second time as the jewellery exhibition ‘Adorn’ is now open and I have to say it was looking great! There was some really fantastic jewellery alongside mine and I was really pleased with my display.

………..            ……….

Beside the cabinet of my work you can also see some of my sketches of the beaches, islands and rocks of the south-west coast of Scotland as well as some of my design drawings.
From these you can see how my ideas have developed and the relationship between the designing and making. I hope this adds insight into how much I love the things that inspire me and what I make from that.

Alongside my work there are wonderful collections of jewellery made from various materials – gold, silver, textiles, enamel and recycled materials – by 6 other lovely artists:
Rhi Frankton, Annabel Neilson, Bonnie Mackintosh, Ann Oldfield, Harriet Stiles and Louise O’Neill.

Follow The Court Cupboard Gallery on their Facebook page to see more from this exhibition – they have been sharing photos and artist info every day.

Carew Castle

Induction day is tomorrow!! Getting nervous! I’m excited too though.

Anyway, moving back into the house in Hereford and meeting another of my housemates has distracted me from doing any more posts, so I’m finally posting these drawings I did a while back of Carew Castle.
Carew CastleCarew Castle 2Carew Castle 3


I have drawn three different trees in three different medias.

I have used pencil, charcoal and ink to capture different characteristics of the trees (the trees were not completely bare of leaves I just find the branches much more interesting).

Pencil shows the complexity of the branches,Tree in pencilCharcoal emphasises the texture of the barkTree in Charcoaland using ink was a fantastic way to capture how the tree has grown due to the wind.Tree in ink