Small Metals

So far I think my favorite workshop has been Small Metals. Obviously I’ve worked like this before when I went to Silversmithing classes but this time I had a chance to be more experimental.IMG_9187I am really pleased with the samples I produced in this workshop.IMG_9194IMG_9186I especially like this piece. I think it has the most potential to be developed into something further although it is incredibly delicate.IMG_9198IMG_9199IMG_9196IMG_9202


  1. Dear Hannah, I have lots of bits of metal and also the fibre optic tubes which you bend with a heat gun. If you think yhat they could be useful to you I could give them to Anna at Christmas time and you could pick them up at New Year. I have to clear the studio obviously so wil see if there is anything else that you could use. Let me know if you are interested. xxxxx granny

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