Sculptural Developments

My lecturer was very kind to give me a sheet of pewter to play with. It was very flexible so I was easily able to recreate my paper sculptures out of it.IMG_6937I’m really pleased with how I’ve developed my work but the problem with these sculptures is that they don’t always want to stand the right way up by themselves!IMG_6934IMG_6936I’ve also been playing with copper tape recently (yes, the kind you use to keep slugs away from your plants) and I had thisΒ idea of sticking it in strips onto cartridge paper and then making more paper sculptures out of it. I actually love the lines this created on the sculpture.IMG_6981IMG_6968Copper tape is actually really fun to make things with. Check out these sweet crumpled copper earrings I made a little while ago.IMG_6679


  1. Wow … look at this .. from paper to metal and wood. I thought it was wood … but it’s copper tape. Stunning .. and the earpieces – really cute. Fantastic job you done.

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