Rocky Patterns and Etched Brass

I’ve been very busy since returning from Scotland. So I am very sorry for taking so long to post again.

Whilst in Scotland I collected rocks which interested me and I have done drawings of the patterns in the rocks. I am hoping to use these patterns within the necklace design I have been working on (which I will show you in the next post).
I haven’t decided what material I am going to make my necklace out of yet however there are many ways in which I can apply these patterns. One way is to etch it onto metal.
I chose one of my drawings to etch. I repeated and flipped the pattern and printed it onto acetate to transfer it onto the metal which was then placed into acid. This etched the pattern into the metal. I chose brass because it looks good with wood which I am considering combining it with.
This was quite a large design so it hasn’t etched very deep. However it is still quite effective, especially when the light catches the pattern.


    • Thanks I’d really like to give that a go. I have used some of the metal since this post but there is still plenty left so maybe sometime in the future…

  1. It’d be a lot of work but you could engrave the pattern to get a bit more definition or a bit more of a textured look. But I love the contrast in the colours 😀

    • Thank you! I have been meaning to invert the design so that the lesser part of the design would be the part being etched, meaning it would take less time for the acid eat into the metal.. but I just haven’t had the time. Still I’m pleased with it 🙂

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