Just two days ago I was moving out of my student house in Hereford. It’s hard to believe my first year has finished!

Since returning home I have received a letter confirming my results. For my final project, the work below, I received 80! A very good 1st.
Obviously I am very pleased with my result but, although the project itself was very successful, I will admit I was a little disappointed that the actual final necklace wasn’t completely successful. You can see this below.
Having said that I still think elements of it are very effective and the initial design very clever.

My overall mark for the whole year is 1st. Yay!


  1. Congrats, well done! I hope you’ll keep sharing and that we get to see more of your work. I’m not sure what you mean with that necklace not being successful, though, I like the mix of strict forms put together in a playful way. Enjoy the summer break, well deserved!

    • Thank you very much!
      I’ll keep posting 🙂 got a few things to put up that i’ve done throughout the year.
      Thanks, I do like the components of the necklace, in some ways it works well but it hasn’t come together quite so successfully. It’s not obvious though because of how I’ve photographed it, jewellery can look very different on a table to when it’s worn.

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