Paper Jewellery

I decided not to use the optical illusion work as I prefer the subtlety of the previous work. However, I was still not sure exactly what I was making, at the time they were just art objects. I questioned myself on whether they needed to be something more. To work out if these little corridors could become jewellery I tried out some of my favourite paper pieces on chains as necklaces.IMG_3061IMG_3053The small ones are quite sweet, they could make interesting beads.IMG_3071I tried playing around with the positioning of the paper corridors on the chain, looking at how they might sit on the body. IMG_3110I felt that some of the pieces were a bit to large to be worn this way, they didn’t look quite right. Also, whilst they are in paper and therefore quite light, if I was to translate them into metal they may be a bit too heavy to be comfortable to wear. IMG_3122This one was particularly interesting with its steep curve and point. It works quite well as an asymmetrical neck piece.IMG_3123 IMG_3127After doing this I definitely think that some of the smaller ‘corridors’ could work very well as metal neck pieces, however, I am still interested in making some of the larger ones into art objects which are meant to be held, looked at and looked through.


  1. I don’t see why some of the larger ones, couldn’t be made as statement pieces, art jewellery or even brooches. I’ve had a similar dilemma as the pieces I’m making are based on architecture and can be quite long and big. After mixed opinions I decided to make the large pieces, and smaller daintier versions. I think some of the larger ‘corridors’ would definitely look great as brooches!

    • Thank you.
      I have posted the ones I felt were most visually successful – it was others that I didn’t post here that I liked as objects but simply didn’t work as jewellery. Also part of the problem was more the weight of the material I was planning on using- in brass these designs would not be very suitable as either necklaces or brooches. However in paper I do rather agree with you and I am interested in developing these larger pieces in lighter materials.

    • Thank you very much!
      Gosh I’m sorry I’d completely forgotten about that! Second year has been crazy!
      Just email me any time and let me know what you need 🙂 I look forward to hearing from you.

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