Image and Reflection

My most recent project – the gallery one – actually came to an end over a week ago and I have even had my mark back awhile.

However, I have only done 2 posts about this project so far. Which is a pity as I have been really pleased with the work I have produced and the ideas I have been working with. Therefore, I am not going to post photos of my final work or tell you what mark I got just yet. I hope to post some more work that led to the projects conclusion first.

So, here are some more images of the paper pieces I made, experimenting with pattern and surfaces.
DSCN0368These were done using printed photos of the Mission’s interior. I like the subtle colour changes and how the folds change the intersecting lines of the images.DSCN0387DSCN0389DSCN0386
I then bought some Silver card (or mirror paper) to create reflections inside these corridor forms.DSCN0528I tried changing aspects to see how this changed the reflections. In this next one I used the mirror paper on only one side whilst colouring in the opposite section. This created the appearance of an extra two sides or, as I see it, a path.
DSCN0520Finally, I tried cutting out windows. This created a repeat pattern and obviously allowed more light inside the ‘corridor’.DSCN0523DSCN0524


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