Hot Metal

Metal is definitely one of my favourite materials to play with!
Isn’t it amazing what you can do with it if you just apply enough heat and pressure.
These next three images are of two sample which I created simply by heating brass with a torch until the metal began to reticulate.DSCN9375DSCN9376DSCN9371

I have technically just finished this project however it actually leads straight on to the next one. In this last project I had to identify elements of my work, by producing samples, which I then intend to carry forth into my next project. Some of the elements I wish to continue working with can be seen in these next samples:

Triangles, layers and contrasting surfaces.
Folds, textures and warm colours:
Some other ideas I have been working with which i would like to develop in this next project are windows and combining materials – particularly metal and thread.


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