Geometric Spoons

It’s taken me a while to get around to doing this post as I have two deadlines coming up very fast. I also held back on doing this post as I was very disappointed with how my plastic spoons turned out. I kept having to remind myself that they were just a first attempt.

Looking back at them now I see that they are not so bad. The main problems were that I made them too big and I was also just focusing on the handles so they definitely have an unfinished look to them.
IMG_9378I have continued the geometrical ideas and I have also thought about the idea of the spoons hooking onto things.
To develop these designs I am hoping to scale them down, use plastic only for the handle and maybe use wood for the bowl part of the spoon.
IMG_9388I am also thinking of using a different colour of plastic, although I still want it to be see-through as I like the intersecting lines this creates when you look at it from different angles.IMG_9384Before developing my work in plastic I decided to try my designs in small metals. This is my first geometrical spoon in brass.IMG_9424Doing this design in metal allows me to make sharper angles in the handle than I could create in plastic. I still need a little practice at this though.


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