Electric Illustrations

If you follow my photography blog you will already know I’ve recently been taking lots of photos of electricity pylons. I have just started my final project for my Foundation Art course for which I have chosen the theme Industrial and Urban Landscapes.

I am interested in looking at the industrial architecture, decay of abandoned buildings and machinery and how the urban aspects combine with nature.

My interest in this subject started with electricity pylons. I have always been fascinated by them. When travelling to see family I look out of the car window watching the pylons “walk” across the land, their wires a network connecting each place to the next.

Today I was really pleased with these collage fashion illustrations I did using cut up pieces of one of my photographs of a pylon. A big inspiration for these was Serdar Bozok’s beautiful collection “Power Pylon“.

fashion illustration001fashion illustration002fashion illustration004fashion illustration003fashion illustration005


  1. The mark of a visionary, to speak of it would be wrong. Who could deny the ‘rightness’ of how you have turned these disparate things into a harmonious union, especially the last image. Nice work.

  2. I think this work is really interesting. Love the architectural shapes of the constructed garments, they compliment the pylons brilliantly. I think you should experiment with making free standing sculptures! They’d really work.

    • Thank you 🙂
      I am planning on doing some sculpture work – ceramics, wire, metal…. exciting!
      You can see now that I’ve also done some simple pieces in paper.

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