It’s taken me a while to post any of my work for this project because I have been concentrating on my portfolio. I have been offered interviews for all the Universities I have applied at! So nervous!!!

Anyway here are a couple of ideas I have been working on for this Space project. This first piece was done by poring ink into a bottle of bubbles and then blowing them repeatedly onto paper. I love the effect this creates. It reminds me of atoms, which is another thing I am researching for this project; the atoms that are in the air that fills the space around us.
This second idea is a paper dress I designed as part of a task using only circles. This was really fun to do! Also really great because I thought of combining these two ideas by blowing more bubbles onto the dress. Get to be a little child again! Haha.
ETNA PLUSWill be posting more soon.


  1. Love the paper dress – I remember in San Francisco, I believe last year there was an exhibition featuring all paper mache dresses and fashion……they were absolutely stunning… might give you some inspiration for other pieces! I’ll try to find the name of the exhibition if I can…

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