Brass Angles

This past week I have been working on developing my geometric spoons in small metals. I have four more in brass which you can see below.IMG_9430These two have not yet been bent but I have looked at working with the surface of the metal. I have gone over the surface with sandpaper to create this scratchy appearance which I rather like. IMG_9435With this next one I have practiced making the folds sharp and angular. I have experimented with ways to change the shape of the handle with the placement of the folds.IMG_9447These spoons are also very interesting and fun to photograph as the shapes and angles create beautiful shadows which really emphasise the geometric 3D forms.IMG_9446IMG_9445This last spoon has been the most successful. I have added extra lines where there are not any folds. This really adds an extra dimension to the design.IMG_9451IMG_9450IMG_9454As my deadline is this Thursday I have decided to abandon my idea of wooden and plastic spoons so that I can focus on developing and finishing these designs in brass. I am really pleased with them!


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