…and now for the hard part!

Ok, so I have neglected my blogs a bit but…. all my interviews are finally over!! All of them offered me places and I had great reactions to my portfolio. So pleased!

But now for the hard part! Haha I bet you are thinking “wasn’t that the hard part?” but no. No the hard part is making a decision. And I’m completely torn!
Oh, I hate decision-making!

Well, anyway, I finally finished my Spaces project. After looking at the air from a scientific point of view I came up with the idea of petri dishes. I ended up looking at what else is in the space around us – bacteria, dust and other microscopic things.

I have created a collection of petri dishes with all different materials (though mostly PVA glue!) filling them as my own representations of what fills space.



  1. Whether we look into a microscope or the most powerful telescope we can always find beauty and colour. Worlds within worlds. An inspired idea, careful, caring and beautiful work.

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