50 Words, 50 Images

Wow! I’ve been busy!
I’ve had a presentation to do, an essay to write and a new project to start.

The new project is 50 words, 50 images. Basically it started by me choosing 50 or more images and words to inspire my work. The images can be anything: my own photos, found images or images of artists’ work.

I now have to respond to those words and images. Here are a few of my samples, using metal and stitch, which I did at the beginning of this project:DSCN9362DSCN9354DSCN9353

DSCN9356DSCN9355DSCN9359Here are 12 of my words which relate to these samples:
Vessel, Light, Shadow, Linear, Texture, Combine, Reflect, Warm, Geometric, Growth, Contrast, Windows.

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