Last night, the private view of the exhibition, went great! The turn out was really good and everyone’s work looked fantastic!
I’m so pleased with mine, this is my display:IMG_8092And here are some of the photos of my final jewellery pieces:IMG_7514-EditIMG_7535-EditIMG_7529-EditDSC_0376DSC_0417-EditIMG_7590I even went to the exhibition wearing this piece!DSC_0426-Edit(Model: Sarah Jenkins and Studio Assistant and Supporting Photographer: Andrew James Rees)

Pylon Jewellery

Although I am now working with rusty metal I wanted to put up some ideas I have developed from my pylon work. I had this idea of using acetate to create one of my little sculptures. I printed one of my photos of the pylons onto the acetate and cut and folded it into shape. This is really nice because the acetate is see through so all the lines overlap just like the intersecting lines of the pylons themselves.IMG_7138This also mean that when you shine light through the acetate it creates some very beautiful shadows.IMG_7145I have now finally decided that I am definitely going to make jewellery for my final exhibited work so here is an illustration of how I could possibly make a neck piece based on pylons.pylon necklace001I then made another 3D piece to experiment with how it could be worn.IMG_7216IMG_7251IMG_7257IMG_7259I also made a simple necklace. I like it but I do think it would be more interesting in 3D form or possibly with layers and layers of shapes.IMG_7329

They are so shiny!

Earrings and NecklaceFinally taken photos of my jewellery. These are the first pieces of silver jewellery I have made in my Silversmithing class. I’m really pleased with them! They are so shiny!

If you follow my photography blog you will already know I am starting a new project in college.

The theme of my new project is Space. But what is Space? It is not empty. The space around us is filled with air; gases which are invisible to us. I am looking at things which contain air and also how I can visually demonstrate this and solidify this invisible substance – creating, in a way, negative space.

As space/air is invisible to our eyes it is a difficult subject to collect visual research on. So far I am researching the artist Rachel Whiteread who casts the interior, or negative space, of buildings, bookshelves and other spaces.

How else can I show this invisible space? Any ideas for me or artists I should look at?