‘Adorn’ – The Court Cupboard Gallery

Last week I visited The Court Cupboard Gallery for the second time as the jewellery exhibition ‘Adorn’ is now open and I have to say it was looking great! There was some really fantastic jewellery alongside mine and I was really pleased with my display.

………..            ……….

Beside the cabinet of my work you can also see some of my sketches of the beaches, islands and rocks of the south-west coast of Scotland as well as some of my design drawings.
From these you can see how my ideas have developed and the relationship between the designing and making. I hope this adds insight into how much I love the things that inspire me and what I make from that.

Alongside my work there are wonderful collections of jewellery made from various materials – gold, silver, textiles, enamel and recycled materials – by 6 other lovely artists:
Rhi Frankton, Annabel Neilson, Bonnie Mackintosh, Ann Oldfield, Harriet Stiles and Louise O’Neill.

Follow The Court Cupboard Gallery on their Facebook page to see more from this exhibition – they have been sharing photos and artist info every day.

Necklace Designs

Today I finished my final necklace for my current project. The deadline is this Friday and I still have a bit of book work to do but it is a big relief to have the final outcome over and done with!
Before I present the final piece I want to show some of the journey towards my final design with some of my ideas in my sketchbook.


There were some really gorgeous dresses made for the exhibition! Check out these fashion designers:

Lindsey Harrison
LindseyLindsey’s dress is based on horse riding and is made to be worn whilst on a horse. The double skirt allows the dress to fall around the horse as well as the rider.Lindsey2

Chloe May PorterChloeChloe’s work is based around festivals and the use of tents. She decided to get her dress professionally photographed on a model and to display these images in the exhibition – they really emphasise the design and concept.Chloe2

Rhian BeynonRhian2Both the design of Rhian’s dress and the surface patterns are based on the insects and their habitats. This student has also had her dress photographed to show off its beauty and has displayed textile samples of her intricate patterns.Rhian