‘Adorn’ Exhibition

The jewellery exhibition ‘Adorn‘ opens at The Court Cupboard Gallery in Abergavenny today.
It displays the work of seven jewellers including myself. The wide range of work demonstrates the disparate nature of contemporary jewellery today. The images below show some of my work that is on display there.

I am also currently showing work at Queen Street Gallery in Neath as part of its first exhibition. It features work by new and established artists – there’s paintings, prints, ceramics, textiles, sculpture, jewellery and more. The exhibition runs until July 28th.

My work is also still available at The Craft Centre and Design Gallery in Leeds. It’s a wonderful gallery and they have an absolutely fantastic range of jewellery and ceramics!

Paper Corridors

Wow! So far second year has been unbelievably busy (part of the reason for the lack of posts). I have been working on 3 projects and an essay, all running at once! Luckily one project and the essay are over and done with now and I got 82 on my essay, a fantastic mark, giving me a first. Yay!

My main brief at the moment is to design and make a collection of work based on a specific museum or gallery of our choice. The idea is that the products we create would be sold in the shop of the museum or gallery.

I have chosen two galleries to base my work upon; Mission Gallery and MIMA.
I have been making lots of paper objects based on aspects of both galleries. These first ones were inspired by Mission Gallery’s building and the John Pym exhibition ‘Penumbra‘.

With these I was creating miniature corridors, joining curved and straight edges, and playing with ideas of perception of space, sense of depth and light and shadow.DSCN0499DSCN0504DSCN0507DSCN0508DSCN0511

Spicy Art

I’ve been in University for two weeks now!
Freshers week was good fun and I’ve had a decent week of the actual course.
Even went on a trip to the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Manchester on Friday!
Anyway, more about that in another post.

Last week we were given a task to draw something boring but make it interesting.
As a student I have now had to start cooking for myself (scary!) and this give me the idea of drawing a pan. I then thought of a clever way of making the drawing interesting – painting it with spices!

This is actually something I have been wanting to do for ages and this seemed like the perfect opportunity!
I drew this pan in ink and then painted it with paprika. I then finished it with a sprinkling of cinnamon and mixed herbs.

Smells fantastic!

All Kinds of Art

Of course it wasn’t just my work at the exhibition. The Foundation course has students who do all kinds of art: painting, illustration, photography, textiles, sculpture, graphics…. the list goes on.

Here are some photos of the exhibited work of just a few of the artists:

Fine Artist – Georgina McCannGeorginaPhotographer – Caitlin WaltersCaitlinIllustrator – Bethan LangstonBethanIllustrator – Lauren ShillLaurenLauren2Lauren3Over the next few days I will be posting photos of the exhibited work of the rest of the students on this course. Keep watching because it really is great!