Coastal Landscape

Both of these ‘Coastal Landscape’ collections are made using enamelling techniques I developed during my final year at college, which I used within my Graduate Collection based on the southwest coast of Scotland. These techniques have been applied to bangles, rings, necklaces and earrings featuring the outline of the rocky landscape seen along this coastline.

‘Sand and Stone’

Each item in the ‘Sand and Stone’ range has sand from the beaches of Carrick Shore fired onto the surface of the enamel creating a textured surface – transforming the jewellery into a tactile reminder of memories of days spent at the beach. The varying colours are based upon those found in the sand, stones and shells.

‘Blue Coastline’

The surfaces of the ‘Blue Coastline’ collection have ‘firescale’ fired onto them – creating patches of matte blue-black on the glossy white enamel. This surface pattern is evocative of still waters reflecting the sky, broken by rocks breaching the surface and seaweed floating gently back and fore.