About Hannah

Hannah is a BA (hons) Jewellery Design graduate of Hereford College of Arts. Inspired by both architecture and the natural environment she is particularly drawn to geometric shapes, linear patterns and contrasting surfaces.

Artist statement

Up until my final year I worked almost entirely in brass and copper using fold forming techniques and etching to create forms and surfaces often based on architecture. However, growing up in Swansea as well as visiting the south west coast of Scotland throughout my life I have developed a love for the coast. The jewellery in my most recent body of work is based upon my family’s holiday hut ‘High Tide’ and the surrounding area of Carrick Shore on the south west coast of Scotland. It is an attempt to capture the beauty of this landscape and also immerse the wearer in the memory and atmosphere of a place.

It was during this project that I began experimenting with enamels. Through fold forming and enamelling I create fragments of the coast depicting the textures, patterns and atmosphere of the landscape, immersing both the wearers and viewers within an unreachable environment, transporting them to a memory or experience.

Embodying the coastal landscape rather than simply imitating specific aspects of beaches, I see my jewellery as artworks that can be carried around on the body,  interacted with, touched.

Curriculum Vitae